Our Services

Appointing a counselor

A distinguished elite of specialized consultants with a rigorous scientific formation will work with you. To provide consultations in line with modern developments and technologies, In this accelerated era, every organization needs to know the correct methodology towards administrative work and projects to form the correct scientific base, taking into account the differences between business and projects and not being limited to traditional methods, but consultants will be appointed within the organization to live the two-day work and know the weaknesses, strengths, challenges and opportunities to translate them on The ground with the correct methodology that reflects your work in a realistic and accurate manner. It will be easy to make decisions in a very fast and accurate manner.

Design internal procedures

Organizations seek to continuously develop how the work is carried out, in order to raise efficiency, effectiveness and provide services in accordance with an elaborate and well-controlled administrative system. The design of internal procedures is one of the basic components of building the administrative system. Providing a guide describing the procedures in small details in the operational process, where the focus is on each step By step, to ensure that the tasks are implemented effectively. Beehives will establish appropriate controls and procedures that enable the organization to raise competitiveness, and improve employee effectiveness. And the rules that regulate the tasks and daily work. Clear laws reduce errors, waste of time and effort, and give a sense of commitment and confidence while performing tasks. Documenting and constantly improving controls and procedures is one of the keys to success.

Writing procedures

Procedures protect organizations from misunderstandings and conflicts, Because of differing views on the methods of implementation. Therefore procedures are the best way to resolve disputes, The first reference to understand working methods. From this standpoint, the method of writing the procedures was essential to avoid any confusion, So that managers and employees do not differ in interpreting the meanings, Beehives was able to work out a unique methodology that enables the organization to work smoothly and homogeneously with an error rate of less than 1% as its access is clear, fast and practical and Beehives proudly uses the methodology of sequences of actions .through the Integrated Process Activities system

Writing employee database

The system for Beehives contains identifying the persons who carry out the process, and it will be necessary to write user data, and in the meantime the company will be able to write data that helps it in managing employees, including:

1- Personnel management

2- Salaries

3- Employee Services System

4- Vacations

Training of users on the system

User training on methodology

We will have to train all users on the new system and methodology through the latest education and training methods, as the correct method of work is the right way to achieve effectiveness and productivity.

Training of senior management to read reports

Reading reports, knowing performance and simplifying problems for senior management to enable management to take the right and quick decision and know the direction of work for effective and proper measurement

Performance monitoring

We will work with you to see everything in your organization clearly and accurately

Software installation

Install the Integrated Process Activities System program on the company’s systems

Data Management


Integrated and specialized management consulting

Integration of our administrative services to run business systems by automating administrative processes to implement operations and defining responsibilities and implementation mechanisms, Unifying the method, style and automation of paper forms and transferring all transactions through a high-speed and efficient system in order to reduce delay and increase efficiency and effectiveness. You will document the administrative processes and project operations through an advanced system that is completely made by your private advisor based on a special methodology to raise your investment in line with the work environment that helps you with internal stability and focus on external challenges